Sooyoung participates in the ALS ice bucket challenge


Happy Birthday, Tiffany


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Goes fast doesn’t it, the days flow by, we stay the way we are
We were supposed to be thinking alike and yet, since who knows when
We started arguing, and the silence, all those things happened to…

"One doesn’t plan to fail." Are you implying that SM are actually trying and are just incompetent, or do they think they're doing a good job? I had assumed that they just didn't care and had gotten complacent, but now I'm not so sure. I also have no idea how much BTS stuff (politics, private agreements, etc.) influences their business decisions because it certainly doesn't look like they're maximizing profit. Is it possible that SM know exactly what they're doing, and every move is calculated?


Picture a small company that is barely making a profit and often making a loss, headed by a man who, while highly intelligent and skilled in an industry, does not have business experience. Now see that the staff are employed on incredibly low wages and often come from an

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All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do.


Taeyeon tried to hold back her tears from falling (>_<)

Mr. Mr.

SNSD talks about 2008 black ocean

some things to recognize soshi for

Fortress Kwon turned 1 today!

Fortress Kwon turned 1 today!

On December 9th, 2010, 소녀시대 attended the Golden Disk Awards(dubbed as the Korean Grammy Awards), where they ended up winning the Disk Daesang (Album of the Year) for their 2nd album Oh!, a never before seen feat, as no girl group has ever won the award. They also became the first artist ever to win the Disk Daesang and the Digital Daesang in 2009 for their hit single “Gee”.


[TRANS - Taeyeon - Ceci January 2014]
[Part 1]

Of all the SNSD members I wanted to meet, it was always Taeyeon. Her delicate yet strong voice would become a powerful first impression of the group, Girls’ Generation.

As of 2014, SNSD have been active for eight years. They opened a new chapter in Korean pop music, and rather than rest on the laurels of the generation they created, they pushed on to challenges. Now, none of them are teenage girls any more, but they are still going strong. Gathering everything possible into the domain of SNSD, they build a strong and durable castle.

Whenever there is news about a comeback, people talk about this one deciding SNSD’s future. Now however, no matter how they choose to make a comeback, they could never look bad. Amongst the colourful and vivacious members in her group, Taeyeon is the one always quietly standing a step back from them. She would sing the songs that she liked, and it felt like she was spending time sharing loving glances with her fans  With a face as pale as porcelain, eyes that smile like a child, but with a few secrets. What could be in her heart? I met with Taeyeon on the day that this winter’s first snowflakes began blowing harshly.  She seemed willing then unwilling to show what was on her mind. But I didn’t want to press her. It would be something precious to her that she didn’t need to show to anyone. Twenty-six year-old Taeyeon is enjoying the most beautiful time of her life.

Ceci: Compared to the other members, you tend not to do individual activities. We hope fans will enjoy this ‘Ceci’ cover photoshoot as a highly coveted item.

Taeyeon: It’s my first time being a cover model alone, so it is surreal. We did have the members shooting individual versions of covers before, but we honestly didn’t know anything about it. Now the members do individual cover photoshoots so often, and now I know how significant this is.

Ceci: You don’t seem to do as many photoshoots as expected.

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"@pattylowyy lent me her brolly cos it was raining and when this boy sees something new at home, he HAS to try it out."- Lu-anne Gan

"@pattylowyy lent me her brolly cos it was raining and when this boy sees something new at home, he HAS to try it out."
Lu-anne Gan